About Us

Who Are We?

The MMA Movement is an Irish-based MMA content creator group hosting a weekly mixed martial arts podcast ‘A Few Good Fights’. The group is was founded by Robert Pallin -a freelance MMA writer – and Noel O’Keeffe – a ring announcer and commentator. “Young” Sean Taylor, a young enthusiastic fight fan who has a great eye for the sport and knows a good bet when he see it, rounds out the team. The podcast also features a regular cast of characters who drop in and out including top UK-based referee Daniel Movahedi and MMA analyst Brendan Dorman.

The Podcast

A Few Good Fights is an MMA podcast by The MMA Movement where hosts Rob, Noel and ‘Young’ Sean dig deep into the sport you know and love. Tune in to hear scorching-hot takes on the big MMA news stories; plenty of heated debates; exclusive interviews with the biggest names in MMA; fight analysis, predictions and betting tips; and an all round good time.

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